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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Peter and David at Four Corners - installation shots

(left to right) Lee Milne, Kate Elliott, Richard Kolker

(left to right) Lee Milne, Kate Elliott

The Study of Peter Pan and The Study of David, Kate Elliott
The Study of David

Close-up of The Study of David

The Study of Peter Pan and The Study of David
 The Study of Peter Pan

Peter and David is a two-part contrasting photographic installation which explores notions surrounding representation, beauty and youth. The first part – The Study of Peter Pan – is a series of nine photographic portraits in which the camera follows the subject through a 360 degree turn. It aims to capture someone at a point in adolescent development between childhood and adulthood, and to freeze that moment, the title of the work referencing the well-known mythological character of Peter Pan. The second part – The Study of David – is a site-specific montage of photographic images, depicting a replica of Michelango’s figure of the biblical hero, David. Through the process of editing and layering, David's body is gently and subtly remoulded and transformed from the original into something new.

Peter and David was exhibited at Four Corners between 15-25 October 2013. It formed part of the second exhibition in the Four Corners 10x10 Exhibition Programme, and was showing alongside work by artists Richard Kolker and Lee Milne.

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